Property Services

Appraisal/Market Value
Your investment return on real estate can be greatly affected by current market conditions. As a result, you need to have a clear picture of property values when planning to buy or sell. We will supply you with supportive data, photos and maps. Knowing a properties equity allows a client to make a calculated decision based on reliable information.

In addition to Multiple Listing Service, our client files, newspaper and other media advertising and Internet endeavors give you a leading edge as a buyer or seller of real estate.

Mortgage Information
Our associates use all known sources of financing to help buyers make their home purchase affordable. Creative owner financing, FHA Va and conventional lending resources are available.

Multiple Listing Services
Being a member of the Multiple Listing service, you as a seller, buyer, investor, or renter has information available to virtually every piece of property.

Property Management
Effective property management requires a totally professional approach. You Can increase your real estate profits through professional property management. (See Property Management - Los Feliz Properties)

Real Estate Investment - Residential/ Condo and Commercial Sales
The heart of Los Feliz Properties is the sum of hard work, initiative, experience and expertise - all of these elements contribute to the creation of a streamlined transaction. We will offer to you the opportunity to realize increased personal wealth and estate building. Our team of real estate specialists are ready, willing and able to help you maximize your investment.